1. To keep chappatis fresh for long, knead the dough with milk.
  2. Hold stale and dry bread over the steam of a pressure cooker. It will be soft once again.
  3. Chewing a cardamom is excellent for quenching thirst and a good remedy for bad breath, too.
  4. If you wish to check the purity of honey, put a few drops of honey in a cup of water. If it settles down, it is pure.
  5. Dried rose petals can be boiled and added to the bath water for a lingering fragrance.
  6. While making clear vegetable soup, don't throw away the vegetables. Mash them with butter and use them to make 'Bhaji' for 'Pav '.
  7. If the cap of a gum bottle has become tight and cannot be removed, immerse it a little glycerin to open it easily.
  8. Clean your gas stove or cooking range with a sponge soaked in vinegar. This will leave the stove sparkling clean and spotless.