About Us

BAARI FALCON (Private) Limited, is an in house name in Pakistan to the wide consumers of traditional Basmati and course varieties. "BAARI" delegates to the Baari Doab river in Punjab province which irrigates the Basmati fields and the "FALCON" has been derived from the inspiration given to it in the visionary works of the poet of the subcontinent, Allama Muhammad Iqbal. The Company more over shares the over 150 years experience of the Amin Group of Companies, in its various multiple fields of business activity, including paddy processing and husking mills, established then in 1978, by the name of Bari Rice Mills Ltd.

At Baari Falcon, we strive towards creating Brand awareness by sharing and investing in quality upkeep while inspiring the distributor or partner to divulge in shared aggressive marketing strategies, to ensure development of visionary market perspective and active sales portfolio, controlled by traceability aspects in terms of quality management.

At Baari Falcon, we are continuously developing our product line in Food and Hygiene products for better environment and healthy living. The company seeks reliable partners and distributors for its growing product line.

  • Approved and Registered supplier with Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority for Salt and Super Kernal Basmati Rice for exports to PSQCA Programme partner Countries.

  • The company is HACCP Certified from RWTUV Germany, for its exports & ISO-9001:2008 Standards for its product management.

  • Al AQUAB being our International Market leader in the Gulf is our registered trade mark for and in the UAE.

  • Mr. Abdul Baseer, Director of Baari Falcon (Private) Limited, has been the Vice Chairman of the REAP (Rice Export Association of Pakistan) in 2008.

  • Approved and Registered supplier to and with Canteen Stores Department (CSD) controlled by the Army for supply of Baari Falcon's product line to all CSD outlets at, Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi-Islamabad region.

  • Official supplier of "Baari" Supper Kernal Basmati Rice to PIA
    (Pakistan International Airline).

  • The first company ever to export to Zahidan (Iran) by rail via Lahore dry port in collaboration with Pakistan Railways Headquarters with their support and patronage.

  • Sole supplier of Baari Brand Basmati Rice to Utility Store Corporation of Pakistan (Private) Ltd